Tambo urges ANC to win crucial elections in tribute to his father

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Dali Tambo, the son of former African National Congress (ANC) president Oliver Tambo, has urged the party to ensure a decisive victory in the upcoming elections in honour of his late father.

Tambo was speaking at a wreath-laying ceremony in honour of Oliver Tambo in Ekurhuleni on Wednesday.

The event was hosted by the ANC in Gauteng where provincial chairperson Panyaza Lesufi delivered the keynote address.  Tambo says the ANC should aim for at least 61% in the 29 May polls to ensure a majority win.

“I’d say to the ANC make us proud, make my father and forebears and ancestors proud. Make the people of South Africa proud and win this election with a resounding victory. Not even 51%, let’s go for 61% because no other political formation has given this country what the ANC over its 110 years has given it. The best, the brightest, the most sacrificing.”

Attending the same event, ANC NEC member Mzwandile Masina says he is confident that the party will take Gauteng in the upcoming elections.

Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape are considered by some analysts to be the main political battleground provinces in the elections.

“Look, victory is certain. We are working very hard throughout the country. All our volunteers, we just don’t depend on President Cyril Ramaphosa, he is the face of our campaign but every member of the National Executive Committee, all structures in the provinces, in the regions in the branches are all an integral part of the campaign. We are everywhere, we are like the holy spirit, so I’m certain whatever happens, the ANC will emerge victorious.”