Body cameras for Joburg traffic officers in the pipelines

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Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Xolani Fihla says there are hopes that by next year traffic officers will be issued with body cameras, with the aim of rooting out corruption.

Fihla says body cameras will also help them gather evidence and improve the conviction rate for traffic law violators.

He’s added that the body cameras will also assist with the safety of officers.

“In essence, not all metro police are corrupt. We do have good officers, but in reality, there are some bad apples within our ranks, and I think another big perception is that the department is not doing anything to root out this corruption. So, in our efforts to ensure that we change this perception, the city is looking into getting body cameras for our officers, firstly, to hold our officers accountable for any actions that they take on the road, and secondly, to ensure that our officials are protected and exonerated where they are doing their duties legally.”

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