Association calls for training of school principals

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The South African Principal’s Association (SAPA) in Limpopo says there is a need to train principals in the province to enable the smooth running of schools. The association’s president, Mashumu Ramulumo was speaking at the association’s conference in Polokwane. More than 100 principals are attending the two-day conference which started on Thursday.
Some school principals attending say the two-day conference will help them to improve their leadership skills. More than 100 principals from all regions in the province are attending the conference. Principals attending the conference say they hope to also improve results at their schools.
“As a principal, we are being capacitated, in terms of how to manage our schools in terms of handling challenges that we come across on a daily basis, so find that as SAPA principals, our schools are not going to underperform. We are able to network with other colleagues that are doing good work. This program is helping all school principals,” a principal says.
 Ramulumo says the conference is focusing on leadership and school management.
“It’s all about affirming school leadership and management. We are developing school principals because there is no school for principalship, our role here is to make sure that principals are developed and are well equipped, to make sure that our schools run well and become centers of excellence as well,” Ramulumo explains.

MEC of Education in Limpopo Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya says their plan is to develop school infrastructure.

“2023 to be our year of infrastructure, one we need to improve the schools’ infrastructure where we know when it comes to educators and principals sometimes, they don’t have a staffroom. We must make sure that the schools that we build must accommodate them on that.”

The two-day conference will conclude its business on Friday.