ANC will not engage in war of words with Mboweni: Mabe

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The African National Congress (ANC) has said it will not be engaging in a war of words on social media with Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.

However, the ruling party has reiterated its stance on senior party members to refrain from using social media to express their views regarding the party and its policy.

On Friday, Mboweni took to Twitter and posted something which many see as a looming resignation.

This follows the ANC’s statement regarding Mboweni’s posts disagreeing with the party’s position on nationalising the Reserve Bank.

ANC National Spokesperson, Pule Mabe says the party does not have a branch called Twitter and so they are not prepared to be associated with the comments by Mboweni.

He says: “The ANC is not going to make it its duty to be commenting about what comrades write on Twitter. We will only do so if what they write undermines the resolutions of the conference.”

“Twitter is really a social media platform. You can also go and place your bundles of joy there and so on. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook don’t really constitute our structures, they are not there in our constitution.”