ANC plans to unite branches in North West

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Secretary-General of the African National Congress (ANC) Fikile Mbalula says the ruling party in the North West is marred by internal personal squabbles that have little to do with ideological or political differences.

During his address to the media in Rustenburg on the sidelines of the National Working Committee’s (NWC) visit to the province, Mbalula says the committee has resolved to implement the Marumo Fatshe program to address the array of factional battles plaguing the party in the province.

The ANC’s NWC led a weekend long array of engagements across the province with various structures as part of the party’s renewal programme. Mbalula says the engagements have allowed for the ventilation of the many internal squabbles plaguing the party in the province.

“There are many things that have been said by the structures in those meetings. Some regions have not gone to regional conferences, so we need to expedite that process. And there are still hangovers over the last provincial conference and we believe that it is time we need to implement the Marumo Fatshe program in the North West. Our organisation is ravaged by squabbles which are very, very not ideological, not political, just personal all round.”

Mbalula says there will also be dire consequences for ANC councillors who have failed to toe the party line by collaborating with opposition parties in various municipal councils.

“There are startling cases of anarchy where ANC deployees took the vote and gave it to the opposition. Mamusa is one such council which we need to attend to. We have challenges here in Bojanala which are not major, just squabbles among comrades, councillors being defiant and doing as they please. So, the centre must hold.”

Mbalula says the party will also adopt a detailed plan of engaging with over 40 troubled municipalities nationally, that will include a barometer of performance and skills.