ANC needs to be cleansed from corruption: Mbeki

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Former African National Congress (ANC) president Thabo Mbeki says unity and renewal of the ANC is important.

He was speaking to SABC News in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, reflecting on the party’s Elective Conference.

“The leadership that has come out of that ANC conference is making the statement they are making about a united organisation. The issue of unity is important, the issue of the renewal of the ANC is important, fighting against corruption and so on… Which are correct messages… I think we should give them a bit of time for them to address the agenda they are stating.”

Mbeki says if the ANC wants to be renewed it has to be cleansed.

“There are many people and corrupt elements that have been embedded in the ANC from the branches up to the National Executive. If you want to renew the ANC, you have got to make sure it is cleansed from that element that has managed to come in.”

Mbeki has also called on party members to give ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa a chance.

Earlier he said he stood ready to support the governing party as it embarks on a renewal process.

He says Ramaphosa is sending out a positive message.

“Let’s give this new leadership to do what it has promised to do. And we are ready to assist the ANC to do the right things.”

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