ANC N West PEC denounces violence in the province

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The Provincial Executive Committee of the ANC in the North West has denounced violence that characterized the Dr Kenneth Kaunda Regional conference held in Klerksdorp on Thursday.

Some disgruntled members barricaded the entrance to the venue, saying processes were flawed when preparing for the conference.

They said there were bogus branches in the region and that the matter must be sorted out before the conference could be convened.

ANC deployee in the region, Aaron Motswana, says such infighting might cost the party dearly at elections.

“Comrades have concerns, they must raise those concerns. We denounce violence. We denounce usage of bad language and so on, bad singing and all of these particular things. It is detriment to the image of the ANC. We are supposed to go and contest elections, we are supposed to go and conduct door-to-door. Now, if it us fighting like this, it’s us portraying the bad image of the organization, surely we are not having the interest of the ANC at heart.”

Meanwhile, disgruntled members maintain that processes were flawed.

The ANC’s Sbusiso Kula says, “There are 19 branches in the region that gave registered dispute with the PEC. Those disputes have since been reported to the chairperson and he referred all those disputes to the national dispute resolution committee. Up to date those branches have not received responses on their disputes, that is why we are saying the conference is not going to happen.”

On Wednesday, ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule addressed the media on the latest developments in the North West – WATCH below…