ANC does not deny corruption, but will deal with it: Mabuza

David Mabuza
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ANC’s deputy president, David Mabuza, says the ANC does not deny that there is corruption within the party and it will have to deal with it – this, if it still want to be relevant and serve the people.

Mabuza was on a campaign trail in Kagiso in the West Rand interacting with the public to get party’s message out to people.

Some divine intervention to start a long day of campaigning for votes for the governing party; Mabuza thanked the congregation for prayers during his ailment in 2018.

Asking people to vote ANC, Mabuza told the churchgoers the organisation still had a lot to offer despite what’s been portrayed in mainstream media.

“We might not be good leaders ourselves, but we have a reference point…I am not ashamed to ask you to vote for the ANC.”

Mabuza has asked for support for ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa. He says Ramaphosa is the right person to correct the party mistakes and he says that can only be done if he is voted back into the highest office.

He says the mistakes he’s referring to were committed by leader and not the ANC, adding that the party is committed to eradicating corruption.

“When we assumed power, foreign tendencies started creeping into the ANC. We assumed power and we had to do things…for the people, we are at the point where there is corruption and we can’t deny that there is corruption in the ANC and we must deal with it. Denying won’t help us if we want to remain relevant and lead the people, we must deal with this and do away with it.”

The ANC deputy president called on the people of Kagiso not to dump the ANC.

Unemployment has ravaged this community, especially after closure of mines in the area. While some promise to vote ANC, others held back.

With the elections just a few weeks ahead, parties are leaving no stone unturned and promising everything possible on earth to win the votes.