AmaZulu Royal Family faction threats to disrupt upcoming reed dance at eNyokeni Palace

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The faction in the AmaZulu Royal Family that supports Prince Smakade says the upcoming uMkhosi Womhlanga or Reed Dance might result to undesired consequences if government goes ahead with planning the event to be staged at eNyokeni Royal Palace.

Last month Prince Smakade performed the ‘entering the kraal’ ritual at eNyokeni Royal Palace while King Misuzulu performed the similar ritual at Kwakhangelamankengane Royal Palace the following weekend.

Spokesperson of Prince Smakade’s faction , Prince Mandlakapheli Zulu says if King Misuzulu and his supporters come to eNyokeni that will be viewed as an act of extreme provocation.

“We have a totally different view that people should continue where they started off kwaKhangelamankengane to perform what they want to perform there, because we used eNyokeni as the sacred kraal and the people know and the nation knows that eNyokeni is the sacred kraal.”

“So before you could perform any ritual at eNyokeni maybe they should usher him into the kraal eNyokeni to perform what we did to King Smakade and then maybe after that we can say yes he is the king” says Prince Mandlakayipheli.

Earlier this month, the first leg of the annual reel dance took place at Emachobeni Royal Palace, in eNgwavuma, in what was King Misuzulu’s first event since his entering of the kraal ceremony.

Thousands of Zulu maidens showed up for the Umkhosi Womhlanga or reed dance dressed in colourful traditional attire. Some of the traditional garments are symbolic of their hometowns.

Many are singing traditional songs in praise of AmaZulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini.