Court ruling on AmaZulu King will further divide royal family: Expert

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Cultural Expert Professor Musa Xulu has expressed concern that the Pretoria High Court ruling that the certification of Misuzulu KaZwelithini as AmaZulu king is unlawful, will further divide the royal family.

The court also ordered President Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint an investigating committee to probe the nomination process of King Misuzulu.

Xulu says the King and his half-brother, Prince Simakade Zulu, are at equal powers as it stands.

He says all this is happening because the President did not take into account the recommendation to delay the King’s coronation because of disputes within the royal family.

“I think at the time, he thought that if we could move quickly to put in the next King, that would avoid disputes. But then of course now with the benefit of hindsight, maybe the process should have been slowed down,”

“Because as I say the two candidates have legitimate plans to the throne and it should have been discussed in those meetings of the Zulu Royal family, and [communicated] an outcome of the meetings,” adds Xulu.

The video below is discussing the court ruling: