AmaBhungane uncover Namibian link in Ramaphosa theft scandal

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Investigative journalist unit, AmaBhungane, has confirmed it uncovered a Namibian link in the matter of money stolen from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm in Limpopo two years ago.

Investigative reporter Sam Sole, says that in 2020 Namibian authorities identified suspects following a break-in at Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm, but sources allege SA intelligence back-channels were used to get the Namibians to let the matter go.

“We have information from the Namibian authorities showing that some of the suspects in this matter transferred six million rands or six million Namibian dollars from the South African accounts to Namibian accounts. It seem very likely that that six million was not the full amount. The indication is that other money was physically smuggled. So, whether it was one million US dollars of four million US dollars, the issue is neither here nor there,” says Sole.

Ramaphosa has told the ANC’s Limpopo Conference in Polokwane that he has never been involved in any illegal activity regarding the four million dollars allegedly stolen from his farm. Sole says the amount stolen isn’t the main issue.

Political analyst Sandile Swana, echoes similar sentiments to Sole, and says that the actual amount isn’t the issue. Swana says while President Cyril Ramaphosa’s openness about the matter of money stolen from his Phala Phala farm is welcome, the real issue remains that there are laws that govern citizens dealing with foreign currency.

“We welcome the openness of the president that indeed the events did take place. He may dispute the sums of money involved, but the other thing that people have to recognise about the issue, you and I, any citizen, you’re not supposed to deal in dollars without proper authority in the first place, let alone keeping amounts above 20 thousand in cash, running into millions”says Swana.

Former intelligence boss Arthur Fraser, lodged a case accusing Ramaphosa, the Presidential Protection Unit head Major General Wally Rhoode and members of crime intelligence of alleged money laundering, acting in contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and corruption.