Aircrafts run short of fuel at Cape Town International Airport

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The Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) has voiced concern over a shortage in jet fuel supplies at the Cape Town International Airport.

AASA says the Airport Company’s securing of 2 million litres of fuel may not be enough.

A shipment delay due to bad weather has resulted in a shortage of fuel for aircrafts. Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) says various contingency plans have been implemented.

The AASA’s Spokesperson, Linden Byrnes says there were advised that ship carrying fuel is running late.

“Yesterday, we were advised that the ship carrying the fuel is running into rough seas and it is probably going to be late. It was probably supposed to arrive at CTN harbour this weekend. So, some airlines as of last night were scrambling around, trying to make arrangements with each other where they could, to see how they could help each other out and keep things flying today and going forward for the rest of the week. “

Byrnes says ACSA is going to give them another update this afternoon.

“They have spoken about getting a delivery of about 2 million litres. It sounds a lot but that is not actually a lot of jet fuel – it is probably enough for a day or so.”

Below is full interview with AASA’s Spokesperson is Linden Byrnes on SAFm