African leaders urged to unite to fight youth unemployment

Fati N'ZI-Hassane
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Head of the Skills and Employment programme for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad), Fati N’ZI-Hassane, says the fight against youth unemployment in Africa will be in vain if African countries fail to unite. She was speaking at an indaba of the Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA) being held in Pretoria.

The gathering seeks to strengthen the occupational prospects of young people on the continent.

“There will 440 million youth on the job market. This is 440 million African youth on the job market that are already born. This means that all African countries should come together, and really try to tackle this issue of unemployment. Otherwise, if we don’t tackle the issue of unemployment, then all the efforts we are doing will be cancelled, otherwise. We can build bridges; we can create African Markets; we can promote agriculture, but if the youth doesn’t have jobs then we are sitting on a ticking time bomb,” says N’ZI Hassane .