Defence in Meyiwa trial grills analyst on communication among accused

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Defence counsel in the Senzo Meyiwa trial, Charles Mnisi has interrogated cellphone data analyst Gideon Gouws on the alleged communication link amongst the accused.

Gouws has been under cross examination at the High Court in Pretoria where five men are on trial for the 2014 murder of Meyiwa.

Yesterday, Gouws told the court that through the data collected from the phones, there were contacts that were stored which allegedly belonged to the other accused.

Mnisi: Do I then understand you to mean that, with the information that you had at your disposal, that you had to analyse, you did not find a linkage between accused number 3 and accused number 1?

Gouws: According to the downloads of Cl Steyn, I didn’t find any linkages.

Mnisi: Thank you. The question goes to number 2, did you find a linkage between accused number 2 and accused 3? You don’t have to explain anything.

Gouws: I didn’t do it. I didn’t do section 205.

Today’s court proceedings:

Earlier, accused Bongani Ntanzi said his phone was confiscated by the police the day he was arrested in June 2020.

This emerged during cross examination by Ntanzi’s lawyer Sipho Ramosepele at the High Court in Pretoria.

Gouw earlier testified about the downloaded contents from two cellphones that had allegedly been found in possession of Ntanzi and another accused Fisokuhle Ntuli while in prison cells.

Gouws: It was from his camera because it’s saved under the card of the phone.

Ramosepele: what was the date in which it was created and the time?

Gouws: 2021/01/17 at 17: 53.

Ramosepele: At the time that image was taken from that camera, accused number 2 will tell this court he was already in custody from the 16th of June 2020, without the access of taking this photo. So, he did not take this photo.”