Mapaila calls on former MK soldiers to vote for ANC in honour of Hani

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South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Solly Mapaila has called on all former MK soldiers to vote for the ANC in honour of their late Chief of Staff and SACP General-Secretary, Chris Hani.

He was speaking at the 31st commemoration of the death of Hani at the Thomas Nkobi Memorial Park in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg.

Mapaila says voting for the ANC will be a great tribute to the late SACP leader.

“You can never separate us from MK. You can never even steal from us, all MK soldiers vote for ANC. This will be a great tribute to our General-Secretary Commander Chris Hani. When we have time, we will create space, we will speak at length about the lifetimes of the great warrior of our liberation Commander Chris Hani. He who stood for the working class, he who stood for non-racialism but would never accept any white supremacy, never accept any tendencies towards selling the revolution.”

Meanwhile, the widow of the late SACP General-Secretary Limpho Hani tore into the ANC saying it has failed her husband and the people of South Africa. She says despite the gains made over the past 30 years of the ANC governance; a lot still needs to be done.

Limpho Hani accused the ANC of lacking the political will to solve the many challenges facing the people of this country.

“The cost of living is high. Transport costs and the fuel cost is very high. Why is our government not cushioning the poor from all this cost of living? There is no political will from this government and as black people we remain prisoners of hope in our country.”