Gunmen rob Mpumalanga worshippers in a mosque

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Worshippers who had gathered for prayer, while observing the month of Ramadan, were robbed of their personnel belongings on Thursday night.

It is alleged that a group of criminals, wielding guns, stormed the mosque and fired shots in the air.

The four robbers stormed in during prayer and instructed them to lie down. Valuables were taken including cellphones and a vehicle.
No one was injured.

”They said they want all of us to lie down, so we did that. So they started checking in our pockets and took some cellphones, the most issue is that they needed money so they never get it. But took phones of our members, ” says Jumuah Sign Bwazi the leader of the mosque.

This is the second incident in the space of a week. Last week, a mosque in Nkomazi was also robbed.

Mosque congregants believe they are being targeted by criminals.

“Clearly there are some people amongst ourselves that are giving information to outsiders. There is no other individual who can come to the masjid and walk inside while there is prayer. And we are facing one direction during prayer, only a Muslim will understand what happens during prayer,’ adds Mohammed Phiri a worshipper.

The worshippers have expressed concern over the police’s reaction to the crime. They allege that police members have not attended to the crime scene, despite the incident being reported last night.

When the SABC News team arrived at the scene, eight hours later, cartridge cases were still on the floor.

Attempts to get comment from the police, have failed.

Gunmen rob Mpumalanga congregants in a mosque: