Department to gazette notice to suspend two Gauteng taxi associations

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The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport will be gazetting a notice to suspend the operations of Soweto Taxi Associations, WATA and Nanduwe.

This follows a spate of violence between the two rival taxi associations.

The feud between the two associations has been ongoing for several years, resulting in numerous shootouts in the Soweto area.

Several people have lost their lives and many others were left wounded.

Department spokesperson, Lesiba Mpya, “As recent as Monday, there has been clips sent to us and queries that have been sent to us where high caliber firearms have been brandished and there are reports from both associations that they are finding it difficult to work with each other on those particular routes.”

Human cost 

Recently SABC News reported on sporadic violence linked to the taxi industry in the Butterworth-Ngqamakhwe area in the Eastern Cape that has left many widows and orphans over the years, as men and women have died due to the shootings.

Others have been left with disabilities, unable to provide for their children. The clashes often relate to routes.