Sardinia Bay fire under control: Emergency Services

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Emergency services in the Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape say the fire that is still burning in parts of the Sardinia Bay is under control.

Acting Senior Director for Fire and Emergency Services, Hendrik McLeod, says no further fire spreads are expected as the wind has subsided and they are expecting the wind speed to stay the same for 24 hours.

The few flare-ups that have occurred  at burnt out areas, and are contained.

McLeod has also made an appeal to residents not to panic as emergency staff are monitoring the burning end of the fire, in case the wind direction changes.

“We will remain on the site and we will properly extinguish the fire. We can only engage in fire fighting if our vehicles can reach the fire. So a lot of residents don’t understand, we will evaluate the fire and fight the fire professionally.”

“So I can assure them that we’ve done our outmost best and we sincerely appreciate the fact that we got so much assistance from the neighbourhood watches and from all the other support teams,” adds McLeod.

The video below is reporting more on the story