Malema thanks KZN supporters for filling stadium, launches manifesto

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has thanked his supporters in KwaZulu-Natal for single-handedly filling up the Moses Mabhida Stadium in eThekwini. This is where the red berets are launching their 2024 Election Manifesto.

The EFF says its manifesto will be a practical and implementable solution to all crises that South Africans are facing. Malema says he is happy the people of KZN have managed to fill up the over 55 000 seater stadium without the help of other provinces.

“I am happy that KZN comrades have filled up the Moses Mabhida Stadium on your own. This shows that the EFF is not a regional organization like many people have said. I am happy to be part of this history and for many generation to see that the EFF went to break new grounds and it made it.”

Manifesto of commitments

The EFF has promised to break free from the mold of idle promises by political parties, ahead of the upcoming election. The party says if elected to power, it would fulfill all things set out in its manifesto.

Malema promised a party that will not leave anyone behind, but one that would be inclusive, regardless of social status.

“Our manifesto is not a manifesto of promises. Our manifesto is a manifesto of commitments- we are committed to everything we’re to say here. We have no promises, we’ve got commitments because we’re going to implement all what we’re saying. This is a manifesto from the domestic workers, this is a manifesto from security guards- this is a manifesto from teachers, this is a manifesto from all those who are swimming in the pool of poverty.”

EFF launches its 2024 Elections Manifesto:

Load shedding woes

The issue of unstable power supply is one of the issues raised by those attending the EFF manifesto launch. They say load shedding stage six is costing many South Africans jobs. One of the concerned EFF supporters expressed his frustration:

“Every two hours the electricity leaves is in trouble, there are no job opportunities, and if you have load shedding it means there’s nothing that can improve. It’s very very bad and the fact that there are days where you can be told that you won’t have load shedding. I mean, last year when the Springboks were playing their finals, we were told that they can suspend load shedding, meaning really this is not a serious problem, it is man-made. There are people who know what is happening. There are people who have power into deciding as to what is happening in the country.”

Lack of service delivery

Some EFF supporters attending the party’s manifesto launch have raised a lack of service delivery in their areas as a reason they want the EFF to be in government.

They say poor roads, a lack of water, and a high rate of unemployment are among the issues they want the EFF to prioritise if given a chance to govern.

One supporter says, “We have a problem with poor infrastructure and there are not enough schools in our area.”

Another says, “We are here for the EFF Manifesto. The challenges that we have, as a community is that, we all know that we are facing the load shedding issue, and water scarcity problem amongst other issues, but as we are here, we hope that everyone will see that EFF is fighting for the freedom of black people.” – Additional reporting Ntombi Mavimbela