NFP calls inter-faith community to pray for end of wars in the world

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As many celebrate Christmas across the globe, the National Freedom Party (NFP) has called on the inter-faith community to pray for the end of the wars around the world, as well as local battles against joblessness, poverty, Gender-based Violence (GBV), and other social ills.

The party made the clarion call in a statement on Monday, 25 December 2023, praying for peace to take centre stage on this day.

The NFP further called for peaceful elections next year, adding that calls by certain individuals for the elections to be postponed are “misguided, ill-advised, uncalled for and prematurely conceived.”

The party remains firm that elections must and should take place, stating that next year’s voting will be a “game changer.”

Spirit of patriotism

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader, Vuyo Zungula, in his festive message has called for South Africans to cultivate a spirit of patriotism.

This as the country is expected to head to its general elections in 2024.

ATM Spokesperson Zama Ntshona, speaking on behalf of Zungula, elaborates, “As we approach the upcoming elections in 2024, let us also cultivate a spirit of patriotism. Our nation’s strength lies in the unity of its people. I call upon each citizen to engage in the democratic process with a sense of duty and love for our great nation. Participate in discussions, be informed about the candidates and their policies, and make choices that will lead us toward a brighter future.” -Additional reporting Busi Chimombe