Gauteng feeding scheme aims to feed over 400 people on Christmas Day

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A feeding scheme in Gauteng has set its sights on feeding over 400 people on Christmas day. Sharlene’s Heart for People Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that was launched two years ago.

It provides two meals for nearly 200 people on weekdays in Eldorado Park. The Foundation relies on donations to provide breakfast for children going to school and lunch for unemployed community members.

Preparations are under way for Christmas day. Many who rely on the feeding scheme to receive their daily meal, will be catered for on Monday.

The initiative came about in October this year when residents received their first Sunday meal. Over 200 people turned out.

“And I saw the need. There was over 100 faces that I never recognise personally on that day and I just said to myself if so many people came out for a plate of food on Sunday how many won’t have anything on Christmas? So myself and my team came together and we said let’s, we grateful we’ve got everything to cook on Monday so our aim is to feed 400 underprivileged family members on Monday. We’ve got juice, we’ve got salad and we’ve got toys also that we are distributing to underprivileged kids.”

People come from different parts of Eldorado Park to receive a meal. Some from neighboring communities. Residents have welcomed the initiative saying its an opportunity for them share a meal as one big family.

“Sometimes when I’ve got nothing, I’m a pensioner then I can also come and sit there because we peel and we cook together and then I get my food and we eat and I can take my bowl home.”

“It’s a support structure that we rely on, we depend on, we become one as a family when it comes time for breakfast or time meals and it helps children go to school, you understand, not hungry. And it stimulates their mind. It’s a support structure that we believe in and we thank Char and foundation that it’s consistent.”

Some residents say the feeding scheme is helps ease the socio-economic conditions.

“Aside from unemployment I think crime plays a big, big role in people suffering in Eldorado Park and I think people just don’t know where to go, they feel forgotten, they feel like, you know, there is no one there for them in their time of need. The children suffer on a daily basis and so people face a lot of struggles in our community.”

The foundation relies on good Samaritans to make donations. They are now calling on more donors to ensure more people don’t have to go without a meal in the New Year.

Feeding scheme aims to feed 400 people: