Steenhuisen calls for reflection and kindness

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In his Christmas message to the nation, DA leader John Steenhuisen called on South Africans to embrace the spirit of reflection and kindness. Steenhuisen encouraged people to count their blessings, acknowledging the love of family, the presence of friends and the safety of a roof over their heads.

“As family, friends, and loved ones gather today to share in the love and peaceful celebration of the holiday, may we also take the time to reflect and appreciate the period of selflessness and kindness to our fellow man,” Steenhuisen remarked.

He emphasized the importance of recognizing the many blessings often taken for granted, such as the love of families, the presence of children, the food on tables, and the security of a home.

Wishing those traveling during the holiday season a safe journey to their destinations and a secure return home, Steenhuisen concluded his message with a poignant reminder.

“May this Christmas always remind us as a nation and people to always build a bigger table when we have more than we need,” he said, encapsulating a spirit of generosity and community.

Meanwhile, some Members of Parliament say despite the numerous challenges the country has faced throughout the year, there is hope for South Africans in 2024.

Some highlighted the importance of sharing during the festive season. National Assembly Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli had this message on Christmas Eve.

“Let us also work hard in our neighbourhoods so that nobody goes hungry during this period. We know the problems that will continue to confront in society, we must be of help wherever we can do the best possible wherever we are located in the country so that with the rest of our neighbourhoods in the region, this period becomes a restful one and we insist and wish for peace elsewhere and use whatever energy and force we can manage for reasonableness.”