Ghaleb Cachalia resigns from the DA

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DA MP and Deputy Shadow Minister of Trade and Industry Ghaleb Cachalia has resigned and terminated his membership with the official opposition party.

He says the leadership of the DA has become increasingly uncomfortable with his public utterances over the past few months, particularly regarding issues around the war in Gaza. He adds that, as a consequence, he has been fired from his position as the shadow cabinet minister.

DA Spokesperson Solly Malatsi confirmed the resignation and states that Cachalia has failed on several occasions to convince the party not to take action against him.

He adds, “Moments ago, the leadership of the party received the resignation from Cachalia, resigning as a member of the party and as a Member of Parliament. People join the party voluntarily and if they resign, they do so voluntarily. Ultimately, in political parties, the views of the majority prevail over the views of the individual. Mr Cachalia had three ample opportunities on the 19th of October in the Caucus meeting, on the 2nd of November in the Caucus meeting, and in the subsequent Caucus meeting – so there should be no claim that he was not given an opportunity or, at the very least, that he was not listened to. It is simply that his views did not garner sufficient support in the Caucus.”