Northern Cape DA hopes to grow their support

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The official opposition in the Northern Cape, the Democratic Alliance (DA) says they hope to grow their support from the 25.51% they received in the 2019 elections. During the launch of the party’s provincial elections manifesto the party leadership called on members to reduce the support on the governing African National Congress (ANC) in the province.

The launch was preceded by a march to the provincial legislature in Kimberley, where the event was staged.

Hundreds of DA members in Kimberley joined the march ahead of the launch. DA members braced the scorching sun to hear the plans of how their lives could be changed if the ANC fails to clinch victory in the province.

Some believe the party has made positive strides and believe the party can achieve more, if given a chance.

“I just hope we can be governed so that the youth can see what we are doing. The Western Cape is good example of how the DA is governing for our people,” says Ridwaan Smith  a DA member.

“They have already done a lot. Ever since I joined the DA, they have been proving me that what I didn’t know about them is actually happening. They are positive. They keep their promises and they look out for people,” adds Alta Maleke another DA member.

Political change

DA provincial chairperson, Harold McGluwa believes the province is in desperate need of a political change. And says the party is capable of taking this province forward.

“This is one of the first in its kind in the history of the Northern Cape that we gathered here today, right in front of this building sending a message to the premier and to everyone to say that the DA is ready to take over this administration.”

DA’s federal chairperson, Dr. Ivan Meyer is optimistic that the party will do exceptionally well in the next elections. He says they will definitely improve their numbers in the May elections.

“We now know that the ANC no longer has the majority. It is electorally possible to beat the ANC because we have credible plans. Our manifesto is not a list of empty promises. Our manifesto is a list of commitments.”

They party says they hope that the 670 000 people registered to vote in the province will give them power to finally govern.

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Reporting by Tebogo Msimanga