President Cyril Ramaphosa says everyone should seek to emulate the values of the late President Nelson Madiba Mandela who walked out of
Victor Verster Prison in Paarl a free man on this day 29 years ago.

He had spent 27 years behind bars as a Rivonia trialist.

In a tweet, President Ramaphosa says we should emulate Mandela’s values of peace, human dignity, justice and service to all humanity.

The world watched as one of the most famous political prisoners walked free almost three decades later.

The anniversary of Madiba’s release remains a day to reflect on.

Four years after stepping out of prison Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected President.

The ANC women’s league in the Free State has called on women to continue to celebrate the former president Nelson Mandela as he was zealous about the liberation of women.

The league says it will continue to gather and remember the milestone reached by the former president in 1990 when he was released from prison.

ANC women’s league chairperson in Mangaung, Mapaseka Nkoane says Madiba was at the forefront of fighting for women’s equality.

“After he was released, he was so passionate about women issues and the abuse of women and children. He is the one who championed it – that why we are remembering him today and we will always come here as the Women’s league to come and thank for what you did for the women of South Africa and the women in the world at large.”