Mandla Mandela urges respect for Zoleka’s peaceful rest

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The Grandson of Nelson Mandela, Mandla Mandela, has called on his family and the public to allow his cousin, Zoleka Mandela to rest in peace.

Mandela released a statement on Friday night, in which he referred to unsavory behaviour at Zoleka’s burial.

This follows what appears to be a family feud over where she was to be buried at the Fourways Memorial Park.

Zoleka died at the age of 43 on Monday after succumbing to cancer.

In the statement, Mandla Mandela confirms that his cousin Zoleka’s last rights were marred in controversy.

Mandla was seen leaving the church service just before all the other family members could come out as they were headed to the Fourways Memorial Park, where Zoleka was being laid to rest.

The controversy surfaced following the emergence of a purported list on social media, indicating people Zoleka did not wish to have at her funeral.

Mandla has labeled the timing of the release of that list as unfortunate.

He has called on all family and friends to restore respect and dignity and to let Zoleka rest in peace.

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