Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga has accused the African National Congress (ANC) of being cowards, after the cancellation of the special council meeting meant to debate the removal of executive mayor Mongameli Bobani.

He also alleges that there were several ANC councillors that have been threatened, hence the meeting was cancelled.

Bhanga added that his party was clear to the ANC that they are willing to continue as an opposition after the removal of Bobani, to keep the metro corruption-free.

“If need be that we should be in the opposition for Bobani to go then we will. We said that clear to them, and we are still saying it. We can’t compromise services, we can’t compromise the people of Nelson Mandela because of a group of cartel criminals who threaten our people, who even threaten the ANC to run – an organisation that used to be fearless and now fear two individuals that terrorise the people and terrorize the ANC. We are not gonna accept that. We put an offer on the table to say we are committed to make sure this man goes.”

Banga says the ANC ran away because they can’t stand against corruption.

“We are here to make sure that Bobani is going to be removed. You can’t have a city being threatened by two criminals who mobilise criminals who threaten the state and government, and the government runs away. We can’t have a government being threatened by criminals. These criminals tell you that you cannot have the meeting and you don’t have the meeting. We said to the ANC that we are prepared to sit on the bench of the opposition and negotiate with them. We think they ran away because the ANC can’t stand against corruption.”

Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, has reiterated his stance – that he has done nothing wrong.

Earlier this year, Bobani’s offices were raided by the Hawks following a probe into alleged corruption. Bobani has called for unity, to help provide service delivery to the people

“I’ve done nothing wrong. I am standing with what I have said. I have done nothing wrong. Today the speaker postponed the meeting and as the coalition government we respect the decision of the speaker. What is outstanding is for us to be united because this is not about our personal interests. It is in the interests of our citizens. They are here today to say that government must unite. Nothing is going to stop us. We are going to move together because these are the people who love us.”

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