Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says the current crisis in the African National Congress (ANC) is as a result of  skeletons among the party’s top six.

He says this is working to President Jacob Zuma’s advantage.

This as the ANC convenes an urgent National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Monday to discuss Zuma’s future.

Mathekga says it’s worrying that the ANC is failing remove Zuma from the highest office.

“President Jacob Zuma has not actually spoken his side of the story, about his understanding of who’s involved in what, but he keeps on threatening… he keeps on intimating. He did say that one day when he’s retired he’s going to go write a book, and tell us exactly what has happened, so the manner in which people are tiptoeing around him… its two things – first of all, it is his hold on patronage… but most importantly, its those skeletons that people have spoken about, and think his version – that’s why people are very much worried.”

William Baird of Africa Monitor agrees that information on the Zuma issue is being poorly managed.

“The official spokesperson of the ANC not answering a simple question, ‘Are they meeting?’ Yes they are, no they are not… Tell us something… where are they meeting?  What are the broad things that they are gonna be going through? This idea that we’re having to constantly read between the lines… all of the basis for our knowledge thus far is particularly shaky, and because we’re not seeing clear and coherent responses and communication – and there are so many spokespeople around this.”