Zuma, allies should face prosecution: UDM

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The UDM says now that President Jacob Zuma has resigned, he and his allies should face prosecution.

The UDM’s Chief Whip, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa says opposition parties and civil organisations started to put pressure on the ANC to remove Zuma years ago.

“We must stress that President Zuma now must face the music of all the corruption charges that he faces. That must be extended even to the people who facilitated his sophisticated thievery of state resources and looting state resources if you like,” says Kwankwa.

Some Johannesburg residents say there was no need to rush in recalling Zuma as he was only left with little time as a state president. Others however, say all they want to see now is a visible government and improved service delivery.

“Well I’m so happy with what happened today, I mean I don’t think there was any need for us to push the president out,” says one resident.

“Wooow, I am very happy about Zuma’s resignation, I think we will now enjoy our journey,” says another resident.

“There is nothing much that I am gonna say because things like this happened before and we know it’s gonna happen again in the nearest future….but what we are hoping is change and better life for all,” says the third resident.