Zimbabwe’s Defence Force readies for inauguration

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The Zimbabwe Defence Force has arrived at the National Stadium in Harare, as the country waits the swearing in of Zimbabwe’s interim President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The army took over the country last week, and has played a significant role in the fall of President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

The Defence Force is also responsible for ushering in Mnangagwa who was sacked as vice-president by Mugabe earlier this month triggering the chain events that let to the 93-year old’s resignation on Tuesday after 37 years at the helm.

In less than an hours’ time Mnangagwa will be sworn in by the Chief Justice in Zimbabwe.  He will then take his oath of office, and his army commanders will pledge their allegiance to the new Chief Commander and the country.

Once that is done, the National Anthem will be sung, and a fly past of the helicopters and jets will be witnessed.

The 21 guns salute is also expected to be observed just after that Mnangagwa will then inspect the guard of honour.

Once all of that is done Mnangagwa will then give his official address as the 3rd President of Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe is not expected to attend proceedings as his name has not been included on the programme.