ZanuPF first Vice President accused of destabilising the country

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Zimbabwe’s ruling ZanuPF Senior Member has accused its first Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa – of destabilising the country and fanning ethnic tensions, after he said in public for the first time that he was poisoned last month.

ZanuPF supporters are expected to demonstrate at Mnangwagwa’s office after he contradicted President Robert Mugabe who dismissed the poisoning allegations.

The second Vice President Phakamile Mphoko has accused Mnangagwa of undermining President Mugabe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital after he took ill last month. For the first time Mnangagwa said at a rally this past weekend that he was poisoned.

However, a statement released by second Vice President Phakamile Mphoko who was Acting President when President Mugabe was in South Africa says Mnangagwa confirmed to a ZanuPF Central Committee meeting at the time that he was not poisoned.

This is what President Mugabe said at the time. “There was no food poisoning at all. But what surprised us was that our colleague got sick, diarrhoea, committing, until he could no longer vomit. He was fainting.”

Mphoko has questioned Mnangagwa’s latest claims, accusing him of undermining the authority of President Mugabe, destabilizing the country and using lies to fan ethnic tensions for political purposes.

The standoff is likely to fuel tensions in the ruling party.

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– By Sophie Mokoena