Youth urged to partake in voter registration

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African National Congress (ANC) deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte has urged young people to fully participate in this weekend’s IEC voter registration process.

She says it is important for the youth to vote as they are future leaders.

Duarte visited the centre at which Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema is registered.

“The future is in their hands, they are the people who are going to own the future and they are there to make the decision about the future. Of course they can register until the IEC close the registration, it’s an open day where people can come and also check their addresses.”

IEC provincial manager in Limpopo, Nkaro Mateta says the late arrival of IEC officials at some voting stations in Vuwani was due to transport arrangements.

IEC officials arrived two hours late at some stations and were stationed outside schools as the gates were locked.

Mateta is also concerned that police did not arrive on time.

“We are satisfied except for the slow process in Vuwani because the transportation to reach some of the station was a bit difficult, we don’t have access to the school of course because some principals have expressed fears in handing the keys to the IEC. So we made alternation arrangements. The role of the police is to provide protection and ensure that people participate freely without  challenge.”

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