COVID-19 vaccination took on a colourful theme in Mitchells Plain today as dozens of minstrels danced and shimmied their way to get vaccinated. The drive forms part of the provincial government’s plan to reach all sectors of society.

With restrictions eased to level one, more social interactions are expected to take place, and its for this reason that the Health Department wants to leave no one behind.

Known for their colourful attire, umbrella and unique music, there are more than 60 Cape Minstrel troupes. Some with about 2000 members each. Provincial Health Minister Nomafrench Mbombo took her vaccination message to these groupings.

“We are now reaching out to the minstrels as the country’s lockdowns are adjusted, it means there will be quite a lot of socialisation and especially now that tourism, entertainment and leisure is now open. There’s a higher chance that with the kind of gatherings it may result in a severe 4th wave, so we are getting excited because they are also influencers, as we all know there’s a low uptake throughout the country.”

The province announced earlier in the week that three million have received their vaccines. Mbombo says this is just over 50% of the five million eligible adult population.

The Kaapse Klopse Karnivaal Association says it supports all initiatives aimed at encouraging more people to take the COVID-19 vaccines. Spokesperson, Muneeb Gambeno says they want to conduct the Tweede Nuwejaar festival in safety during the December and January festival period.

“We want to encourage our members and supporters to be vaccinated, we are currently in negotiations with the City of Cape Town, regarding the hosting of the 2022 Tweede Nuwejaar Kaapse Klopse celebrations in the City of Cape Town, and hopefully enough people will be vaccinated by then in order for us to re-activate this event in a safe and a compliant manner.”

This leader of a troupe Shafiek Moerat says it will be sad to miss out again on this prestigious event.

“It’s now going be the third year, that’s why we do the vaccination now so that we can come to the stadium. Well for everyone’s safety everyone should get vaccinated especially for the children and for the parents because it’s not nice for the child to lose a parent.”

The province says it hopes to have about 70% of its population vaccinated by December, in order to be able to resume to normal life.