We have an informed action plan and not just empty promises: Mashaba

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ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba, says he’s confident that his party’s manifesto will make an impactful change to create a better future for all South Africans.
He was speaking on Sunday night at the party’s final campaign and election address in Midrand, north of Johannesburg.
Mashaba says ActionSA is not just another political party making empty promises, but one with an informed plan of action to fix the country.
“We are offering a national manifesto informed by expert opinions, studies and the real-life experiences of South Africans. A pragmatic set of solutions to fundamentally change South Africa for the better from the first day we enter government. A manifesto informed by the media and political commentators as credible, fellow South Africans, I say it again we are not a party of empty promises and slogans on posters, we are a party of action,” he says, adding poverty, unemployment and the rampant corruption currently plaguing the country and that these must be a thing of the past.
ActionSA’s Gauteng Premier candidate, Funzi Ngobeni, on the other hand, says he has a comprehensive plan to fix the many challenges facing the province.
“An Action SA-led Gauteng government will privatise the implementation of innovative and decisive economic policies that enable opportunity and empower businesses to create jobs while working closely with educational institutions to ensure that the next generation is adequately prepared to compete in the global market. Community-based initiatives in sports, arts, culture and recreation will attract local and foreign investment and release finance for much-needed infrastructure development across the province.”
National chairperson, Michael Beaumont, highlighted that South Africa has been run by an incompetent government for far too long.
“The undeniable truth about the last 30 years in our country is that we have been let down by a failed political establishment. Those in government have delivered record levels of unemployment, corruption, crime, load shedding, for millions of young South Africans that have no path to a better future. Those in opposition have presided over this national crisis comfortable and content in being an opposition. That is why the battle lines of this election are not black vs white or young vs old, the battle line of this election is the old vs the new.”