Numbers Exhibition is a collaborative project which brings a multitude of disciplines into one space while ensuring that women are at the centre of the project. It is an initiative of Keneilwe Mokoena who is an artist and a curator.

Mokoena says the reason she initiated this project was because, “black female artists represent about only 16% of practicing artists in the country, while they are amongst the most educated in the field.”

She says she wanted to create a space that expands black female artist visibility and representation.

The exhibition is a space for female artists to explore different ideas, starting off with numbers. It investigates the planes of possibility when space becomes boundary-less, allowing for interactions of diverse mediums and diverse artists while affording equal opportunity to emerging and established artists.

Art is a language which transcends all others and the Numbers Exhibition, which features multiple layers and offerings from sound & video art, computer game coding, photography, drawing, ceramics and more — embracing complexity, nuance and play, speaks to all the senses.

The exhibition opens with an immersive interactive installation on August 4, 2018 at Hazard Galley in Maboneng, Johannesburg. The following weekend it will showcase artworks by the featured artists.