Neurologist back on stand in Van Breda case

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The neurologist who diagnosed triple murder accused, Henri van Breda with a condition known as Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy earlier this month, is expected to continue with his testimony in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

Dr James Butler is attempting to explain to the court why Van Breda failed to call an ambulance for more than two hours after his family was attacked with an axe, allegedly by an intruder.

Butler testified that tests to record and monitor the electrical activity of Van Breda’s brain have shown unambiguosly that he has epilepsy and that the condition cannot be feigned.

Butler says there’s compelling evidence that Van breda had a generalised epileptic seizure on the night after the murder of his parents and brother.

He says: “When I say compelling evidence I am putting that evidence based on medicine terms, which is a high probability he has a proven diagnosis of epilepsy and unmabiguous evidence from the EG.”