The United National Transport Union (UNTU) has raised concerns that its members continue to suffer at the hands of criminals despite there being two court orders directing the Passenger Rail Agency (PRASA) to implement drastic measures to improve the safety of employees and train commuters.

UNTU says railway employees and commuters have been victims of robberies. There have also been recent reports of trains being burnt, cable theft and vandalism.

UNTU Deputy General Secretary, Sonya Carsens, says law enforcement officials are refusing to protect employees and train commuters saying their safety is also at risk.

She says: “We are in the process of putting a lot of pressure on the ministers to inform us what is happening with the police. They are supposed to not only protect the employees of Prasa but also the assets and the commuters as they are just as violently attacked as our members.”

“The police are simply refusing to do their jobs, they are not at the stations or platforms. They are refusing to get onto trains because they say it is too dangerous for them. You can imagine the situation where they are allowed to get away with that.”