Unavailability of funds limits the development of sports in the EC

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Ginsberg Unite Committee in the Eastern Cape says the unavailability of funds limits the acceleration of sports development in the area. This as they host the second annual Ginsberg Sports Revival Summer Tournament, which featured six sporting codes including Soccer, Rugby, Table Tennis, Fun Run, Aerobics and Darts.

The tournament aims at reviving sports while campaigning against the rise of crime, alcohol and drug abuse among the youth. Young people from the ages of 11 formed part of this tournament including veteran rugby players in the township.

This a cause to combat the unending crime, alcohol and drug abuse challenges in the 120 years old Ginsberg township. More than 200 kids are taking part in his life saving cause, but Ginsberg sports revival spokesperson, Mfundo Ngele, says financing this event is still a challenge.

Aspiring sport stars, Lidwala Maliti and Limikhaya Blacki, say they are excited to be a part of this programme.

“Drugs is an obstacle and sport is a living, so playing the sport any sport you can make a living out of it and make a living.”

“When I started playing I wasn’t confident, when I came here I as scared, but I got encouraged to be confident. This helps because it distracts you from doing wrong things.”

Ginsberg Unite Committee is calling for parental support to strengthen the campaign against crime and youth delinquency in the township.

Sports tournament in Eastern Cape to empower youth: