UFH researching how to help rural communities with energy challenges

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The Institute for Technology at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape has conducted research on how to assist rural communities with renewable energy.

This as part of their innovation drive as well as changing the way energy is used.

Professor Edson Meyer from the institution says they have launched renewable energy through solar-powered PV systems.

He added that these are sustainable and will assist rural communities.

“If you have systems installed on rooftops of community members, it will shield them from the load shedding or at least part of the load shedding that we currently experience that’s the major benefit for the community. If you now look at the low-income households in the community, you have the free basic electricity that’s been granted by National Treasury. Somebody paying for the free basic electricity, which is 50 units per month, if you have a PV generated systems on these low-income households you can actually produce those 50 units using solar systems. Which means there is no need for National Treasury to buy these 50 units on a monthly basis.”