Two former Eskom board members to appear at the State Capture Commission

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Two former Eskom board members are expected to be in the hot seat at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Former board chair Ben Ngubane and board member Venete Klein have been implicated in forcing another former board chair Zola Tsotsi out of the organisation.

Tsotsi, who concluded his testimony on Wednesday, alleged that Ngubane forced him to either resign or face an instituted disciplinary hearing.

He also says he believed an external force played a role in his removal from the power utility.

The board members under Tsotsi leadership were also divided on whether an inquiry by an external consultant should be instituted against some of Eskom’s senior executives and suspend them.

Tsotsi says the board had betrayed him.

The video below, is the live stream of the State Capture Inquiry, 09 September 2020:

He adds that he decided to resign because fighting the board would have destroyed the reputation of the organisation.

He also says the minister refused to sign documents to allow him to collect money owed to him for the remainder of his fixed-term contract.

Tsotsi says he is still paying his legal fees.