Tshwane Multiparty Coalition seeks to verify Makwarela’s documents

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The Tshwane Multiparty Coalition says it will take necessary steps to verify the documents provided by the now-reinstated City Mayor, Murunwa Makwarela.

He was reinstated after being disqualified and removed from office this week.

The city manager revealed that Makwarela had failed to present evidence of a rehabilitation process due to a 2016 insolvency declaration against him.

It is unconstitutional for any leader to occupy public office while declared insolvent.

Makwarela reinstated as Tshwane mayor, not IEC’s role to vet electoral candidates: Mawethu Mosery

However, Makwarela has been reinstated after furnishing the council with necessary documents.

FF Plus leader and Coalition Spokesperson Dr Corné Mulder says, “If necessary, we will challenge that in the High Court, but I think it won’t be necessary. There is a certain process. He can take this alleged court order to the registrar of that division and there are means for them to immediately identify whether this is fake or real. We can take it to the municipal manager, and if the manager realises there is a big problem there then it is not necessary. If it is refused, saying Makwarela is legitimate then we will approach the high court to have this set aside.”

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