Progress in Hammanskraal water issues: Public Protector

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The Public Protector, Kholeka Gcaleka, says the City of Tshwane Metro is making progress in addressing the challenges of water and sanitation in Hammanskraal.

She was conducting an on-site inspection of the Rooiwal sewage treatment plant on Friday.

Gcaleka sought to check on the progress made in implementing the remedial action she prescribed following her investigation into the issues that caused the water pollution in the area.

The Public Protector says provisions have been put in place for residents to access clean water.

“I must say that I do acknowledge the progress that has been made since October last year by the city of Tshwane which they reported to us and we must acknowledge that it is quite a process so it is not an overnight process, that all of a sudden there is going to be water coming out of the taps and they have made provisions whilst construction is taking pace.”