Gauteng African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Chairperson David Makhura says those who try to remove party president Cyril Ramaphosa will fail.

Makhura says there are people trying to divide the ANC in Gauteng. He stated that the ANC will resist those trying to cause anarchy at the ANC National General Council.

“We can’t be a province that is a playground of rascals, anarchists and people who don’t want to work in the organizational processes. We can’t be that type of a province. Gauteng can’t be a playground of people who think the organization doesn’t matter and they matter more; they organize themselves outside structures all the time, Gauteng can’t be the playground of such people.”

Makhura stamping his authority on the ANC in Gauteng, saying the priority is to restore law and order in the party’s structures and get rid it of factionalism, patronage and corruption.

“We are not going to allow these comrades, we are not going to allow this, you will have to remove me to do that, if you want to cause chaos in Gauteng you will have to remove me.”

A hard-hitting Makhura says the upcoming National General Council of the ANC will not tolerate anarchy and those trying to remove Party President.

“All I will say to you is that they will not succeed, whether they are planning or not they will not succeed. I say that with certainty because I know the ANC in this province and you heard the mood, we are the leadership of the ANC here. In Gauteng all i can tell you is that people can caucus and meet in corners, they will not succeed.”

The ANC’s National General Council will take place the middle of 2020.

It’s largely expected that factions opposed to Ramaphosa will call for his head and try to outmanoeuvre the party’s leadership.

Click video below:  David Makhura briefing structures of the ANC.