‘They knew nobody in SA who being blind could work at a sighted school’

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Bongani Gcabashe (55) had a dream of teaching despite being blind. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education and started making his dream come true.

“I am a visually disabled teacher or visually challenged teacher. I teach at Nqakathela which is in Ntaphuka in Ndwedwe and Ndwedwe is in KwaZulu-Natal. I started teaching here in Nqakathela on 19 September 2006. It was the first situation of its kind.”

Gcabashe proved to the Department of Education in KwaZulu-Natal that he was able to make a meaningful contribution to education.

“I had looked for employment since 1994. That is the year of having graduated for bachelor of education, but couldn’t. The main problem was this disability because they knew nobody in SA who was blind could work at a sighted school. Fortunately, the department has employed somebody else who is Mrs. Mdabe who does the green board aspect. She also cooperates with me in disciplining learners and she also does the marking.”

Bongani says corruption is taking the country backward and dampens his spirits.

“My vision for South Africa is one of being very careful. You know I am very saddened. Truly I do regret that South Africa has so much corruption, especially from the party that went outside to do all that was to be done for this freedom.”

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