Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng Provincial Leader, John Moodey, will on Wednesday according to his media advisory make an important announcement.

John Moodey is amongst three contenders including John Steenhuisen (current interim party leader) and Mbali Ntuli who will be running for the DA’s Federal Leadership position.

The video below is about the DA’s John Moodey contesting the party’s leadership: 

The DA is gearing up to hold its elective conference virtually from October 31 to November 1 this year amidst concerns that some members, especially in rural areas, may be prejudiced by the platform and that preparations may endanger lives during this COVID-19 pandemic.

DA members will vote for their new leader through an IT voting system. But discontent seems to be rising from two of the candidates, Ntuli and Moodey. They’re questioning the independence and legitimacy of the online system.

“The opus system will not allow any verification of who is actually voting, it will only allow us to know that a vote took place. I also stress that the system will be able to be rigged. This opus system does not allow myself or anybody in my team to be able to ensure the fidelity, impartiality of the system,” says Ntuli.

In the video below, Mbali Ntuli speaks on her decision to run for DA leader post: 

Moodey says, “It has been admitted that the electronic voting system is not without flaws. It cannot be guaranteed that the intended delegates will in fact be the people who are voting. Quite frankly, I’m not gullible to believe that the process will not be manipulated.”

But in a statement, the party’s federal chairperson and CEO refuted allegations that the party would attempt to influence internal election results through the IT system. The DA says all systems are in place for the conference.

“We are getting into the phase where candidates are intensifying their campaigns but from the party’s side, the focus now is making sure that all those qualifying branches conduct their branch launches and that they can nominate their candidate. So by the end of this month, we can be done with the nomination of delegates to congresses in order to establish the voters roll to congress,” says DA National Spokesperson Solly Malatsi.