Taxi bosses call for peace in the industry

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Taxi bosses in Gauteng have called on warring parties in the taxi industry to restore peaceful relations. This follows a series of taxi-related violence in Gauteng and KwaMaphumulo in KwaZulu-Natal.

In the latest incident two men belonging to the taxi association, ARMSTA, were shot and killed during a drive-by shooting on Malboro drive near Alexandra, north of Johannesburg.

A third person was wounded.

Chairperson of the Izinduna in Gauteng, Siphiwe Mhlongo says they are deeply concerned about the violence.

“We, as Izinduna zamakhosi in Gauteng, we are deeply concerned about the continuous killings of people in taxi-related violence here in Gauteng and elsewhere. We appeal to the taxi industry to refrain from violence, to pave way for peace, to look for a settlement where we can live in peace,” says Mhlongo.

ARMSTA blames  the police

Meanwhile ARMSTA is blaming the police, saying it should have done more to prevent the killing of two of its members in Johannesburg last night.

The men were driving along Malboro drive when they were ambushed. A group of people driving in two cars opened fire on them as they were driving out of a petrol station.

ARMSTA spokesperson, John Mnisi says there was a police escort present but nothing to intervene. Mnisi says law enforcement should have retaliated or pursued the attackers.

“The police didn’t do anything. They didn’t even shoot or maybe follow those two vehicles, because they should have done that. When I reached the scene there, I found that our member was already dead, but the paramedics were there, trying to resuscitate the chairperson. But eventually the Chairperson lost his life also.”

Arrangement with police

Gauteng police say they are not aware of any arrangement involving its officers providing escort to the murdered chairperson of taxi association – ARMSTA. But Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele says he is not aware of such an arrangement.

“Well, I don’t have any idea of such. So far the motive of the killing is unknown at the moment, but we are investigating a case of attempted murder and murder, and calling for anyone who has information to come forward so that they can help us with the investigation.”

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