The Tanzanian government is helping to co-ordinate the salvage operation to ensure that families identify the bodies of their loves ones and the injured get proper treatment after a fuel tanker overturned and exploded in the east of the country. It has put the death toll at 60 people with more than 70 others injured.

Flames ripped through a crowd that had gathered to siphon petrol from the fuel tanker. The bodies of the victims are at the mortuary of a local hospital. Authorities have warned that the death toll could rise with more victims possibly trapped under the truck.

The accident happened around 8:20 African time, the tanker was carrying petrol from the economic hub, Dar-es-Salaam. It was approaching the regional terminal. This is where then the accident happened. The tanker flipped over and there were many people who were coming to collect the petrol there. These images showing charred bodies lying around.

Police and the firefighters rushed to the scene to help. The bodies of 60 people are in the morgue, 58-being men and 2-are women.

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