‘Tambo a true democrat who never underestimated views of the ANC’

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African National Congress President Cyril Ramaphosa has hailed the late struggle icon and former ANC president OR Tambo as a leader who had endured the test of times within the movement and across the world.

He’s described Tambo as a true democrat who never underestimated the views of the other ANC members during the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa.

Ramaphosa says if it wasn’t for his strength and ability to face the enemy, the famous 1969 Morogoro Conference in Tanzania wouldn’t have been a success.

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Ramaphosa added that the days of protecting party members and leaders who do wrong things are over.

He says the ANC will take action and make sure that clean governance and accountability is implemented as is required from ANC deployees in government.

He says the time to protect the interests of the ANC and the country is now and the time to protect certain individuals who are implicated in wrong doing is in the past.

Ramaphosa says in honour of the late former ANC president OR Tambo, things have to be done by the book.

Ramaphosa was delivering the OR Tambo Memorial Lecture in Naledi, Soweto.