Sunrise Park, Paardekraa residents urge municipality to consider upgrading infrastructure

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Residents of Sun Rise Park and Popo Molefe informal settlement have urged the Rustenburg Local Municipality in the North West to consider upgrading infrastructure, to avoid possible disasters when it rains.

The Paardekraal Dam wall collapsed on Tuesday, causing flooding of a local low-lying bridge and some internal roads.

Residents say they fear a possible recurrence. They have asked that a nearby low-lying bridge be upgraded.

”We would like the municipality to build the bridge. At least to elevate it for the safety of school children.”

Low-water bridges around the areas are passable again. The bridges were flooded following the collapse of the Paardekraal Dam wall on Tuesday.

Learners returning from school and other residents coming from their workplaces had to brave the strong currents to get home.

Paardekraal Dam wall collapses following heavy rain:

No further rainfall has been recorded during the night and the water has subsided for now.

It was initially thought that the dam belonged to a local mining company but information from the Department of Water Affairs shows that the Rustenburg Local Municipality is the registered owner.

The dam is used for recreational purposes.

A disaster management team from the Rustenburg Local Municipality has been dispatched to the area.