Some Moruleng residents call on ANC to fulfill its promises

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Some residents of Moruleng in the North West have called on the African National Congress (ANC) to fulfil its promises. The governing party took its campaign to the area, through the volunteers’ assembly.

Those who spoke to the SABC say they feel that the party goes back to them during the campaign trail, and not follow through on its promises.  The ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula led the campaign and said his party is committed towards job creation and uprooting corruption.

ANC supporters gathered at Moruleng stadium, clad in the party regalia. The party’s secretary general Fikile Mbalula, and some members of the national and provincial executive committees, led the campaign. Some residents say the party should fulfil its promises….

“People who are leading us do not do what they are supposed to do. Mostly, we vote for them to do the work. After voting for them they don’t fulfil their promises,” a resident explains.

“They do not take us seriously, but when they need our votes. They do events going up and down, but at the ultimate end we do not get help,” another resident said.

“I am happy about what Fikile Mbalula was saying. He says the mistake is not with the party but with the person. They did not steal, but those who are working in the organisation are the ones who are corrupt,” a resident elaborates.

Mbalula says they will do better.

“We got jobs plan for South African. We will ensure that the disengaged youth, those who could find themselves in the periphery because of early teenage pregnancy and drop out of matric. We will skill them through the massification of the national youth service programme, through the national defence force. We will create new artisans, millions and thousands of them to be absorbed in the economy,”

Mbalula says they are serious about fighting corruption.

“Anyone who is found to be or alleged all of that, they must stand on their own and leave the party regalia and the emblems and everything and then go and fight what you are accused of. The ANC is unambiguous in the fight against corruption, state organs must be strengthened to ensure that they are able to intervene and at the same time deal with corruption wherever it manifests itself,”

Mbalula will continue with his party’s campaigns in Klerksdorp on Sunday.

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